Quick Start

Note: If you'd rather follow a video tutorial, check out Topyc tutorials on YouTube.

If you just want to try generating an article with Topyc as quickly as possible, go to your workspace dashboard and click "New Project" to add a new project if you don't already have one. Give it a name, a master topic (the main topic of your website), and click Create Project.

Topyc will start generating topic clusters for your project. After about 15 seconds, they'll begin streaming into your project dashboard.

These topic clusters help you brainstorm content ideas within a content plan for your website designed to help you achieve topical authority.

However, you can go straight to generating an article outside of those topic clusters. Scroll down to the Articles table and click the "New Article" button.

Enter a title or a placeholder such as "asdf" (or whatever you want). Topyc will create its own optimized article title later. Enter a target keyword and describe the content idea briefly (one sentence is good). Then click "Start Editing".

Now you'll be brought to the article editor. Here you can customize your article settings on the right sidebar, or leave them on their defaults. Then click "Generate All" and Topyc will generate the article brief, content outline and full article for you.

Note: You can leave the page while the article is generating. You will receive an email when it has completed generating. It should take around 5 minutes if you have Live Research enabled, or much less if Live research is disabled.

Once your article has generated, you can read it on the page, or copy it in HTML, Markdown, Rich Text or Plain Text formats by using Clipboard button at the top right:

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